Catherine Rosaria Antaya

September 1, 1958 ~ March 18, 2020


  1. Steve Antaya

    I had to say goodbye from a far distance to my little sister Cathy when she passed away suddenly on Wednesday March 18, which by coincidence was my Mother’s birthday. Cathy spent most of her adult life in Whitehorse, Yukon and because of time and distance we did not get to see each other as often as we should have. We would see each other on big family occasions and joke around and tease each other as brothers and sisters do. A phone call with Cathy was an event, hardly ever less than an hour and sometimes she would even let me talk. Now I wish we had talked and seen each other way more often. Cathy you are gone too soon, time slipped away on us and now our family is smaller, quieter and much sadder. Rest in Peace, Cathy, and say Hi to Mom and Dad.

  2. Sarah Antaya

    Aunty Cathy:

    Brimming with creative energy, that is a prominent description of what comes to mind when I think of Cathy. Seeing what could be created from items that could otherwise be dismissed, giving a new lens in which to see the world.

    I remember her visit to Grande Prairie years ago, where she baked and decorated a cake that looked like a white rabbit. I remember regretting having to eat it, since it had turned out so lovely. With delicate and thoughtful care taken to sculpt and create a thing that, at the time, seemed impossible to craft out of flour and sugar.

    I remember her coming to my soccer game, with her long hair trailing down her back. I particularly remember one day where she made us all dissolve into laughter when she flipped her hair forward over her face and placed her glasses on her nose. Apparently she’d made a kid cry doing this, as well. It’s one of those fond memories that randomly comes to mind and brings a smile to your face and that warm, nostalgic feeling of a time imprinted on your heart.

    Cathy was a gifted, creative, loving soul. The people she found kinship with and let into her heart were graced with a rich friendship.

    Aunty Cathy brought peace to my heart and mind when she cared for Baba during her last days. Knowing Baba had her daughter at her side during her last hours on earth was a comfort during that tragic time, as I was trapped in Saskatchewan with my final exams. I was shocked, dismayed, and heartbroken to hear Baba had suddenly taken a turn for the worse, and Cathy has my eternal gratitude for her tireless efforts in comforting Baba. And now, I am shocked, dismayed and heartbroken at Cathy’s sudden passing. It is so hard to believe you are gone. May you both rest in peace.

    I wish I had gotten to know Cathy more as I grew into an adult. I feel I could have learned much from her craftsmanship and intelligence.

    I wish her eternal peace. I wish her warmth, light, and send my love with her to the angels.

    May you rest in peace. The world now has another star in the sky, shining brightly.

    Love always,

  3. Frances Hall

    How strange it is to know I will never see you again. I thought we would have a lot more time to tallk and laugh together. In my mind you are still there across the street in you little white house. You were always lovely to talk to, full of interesting ideas and so strong minded. I won’t forget you Cathy

  4. Janice Bruton

    I was so sad to hear of her passing. I knew her from working in the Federal Government and we were friendly neighbors on the same street and taking the bus. God Bless and will miss seeing her. She was always great when I met up with her.

  5. Sylvia Kitching

    Still missing my good neighbour Cathy – miss the laughs, talk and friendship


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