James (Jim) Ernest Tedesco

May 6, 1950 ~ July 23, 2017


  1. Jerry and Deb Wald

    I am so sorry Joan. Jim was the best. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him but the times I did were fun and memorable.

    Remember teaching him fly fishing what a hoot. How he kept his vehicles so clean and his infectious smile.

    Never had a bad word to say about anything…such a gift.

    I rode bike with him last summer. I guess that was the last time I saw him. We had a great time even when he lost the oil cap on the Harley.

    We had a great supper at Tim’s fish place in Creston before we parted ways. It was a great day..warm sunny and we got to ride the ferries.

    He will be missed. I will send some pics if you want.

    Jer and Deb

  2. Linda Weaving

    I adored my brother……his was the light that shone the brightest in my life. He always made me feel so loved and cherished when I was with him. Jimmy was the most loving, caring , generous, helpful, sincere individual I have ever known…….he inspired me to be a better person.
    I have so many wonderful memories of our special times together that I will cherish until we are together again.
    I love you my brother!
    Your little Sis (la tua sorellina) Linda

  3. Jason wyatt

    Such a fantastic man!
    I sure will miss his great smile.

    The humorous conversations with never ending laughs. The big feed of Jim’s spaghetti and meat balls.

    We will all miss you on the dojo floor.


  4. Sandie Mccall (Tedesco)

    My little brother.. My best friend….I loved him more than anything in the world.
    I will forever cherish his memory and the special bond we shared.
    Till we meet again Jimmy T.
    I know you are riding in the clouds and as always watching over us all.
    Ti Amo.

  5. Frank McCann

    I don’t quite know where to start and I can’t say enough good things about Jimmy T
    The loss that we all share
    I share every thing that Linda said about Jim so much feeling and caring for other people.
    Go without himself and give to others. Always there for you.
    If we could pick our brother he would be the pick.
    I looked at Jim like the brother I didn’t have.
    He is the only one I considered to be my daughters God Father,which he was.
    He will be missed forever, but never forgotten.
    May your journey be on a smoother road Jim.

  6. Deborah Snider

    I met Jimmy 36 years ago. Was living with his sister, Terri, in Whitehorse. She had been telling me what a wonderful man he was on and on. What sister doesn’t feel that way about their brother? When he walked in the kitchen and I was able to pick my jaw up off the floor, I had to admit she wasn’t exaggerating. O f all the memories and kindness that he showed me, one remark will always stay with me ” You are just like one of my sisters” This compliment will always stay close to my heart and will he.

  7. Joan

    My sweet Jimmy

    It has been a year since we said goodbye
    As days go by, I often cry
    Your infectious smile, your warm embrace
    The love we had, I can not replace
    I miss you Jimmy
    Forever in my heart

    Your loving wife, Joan


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