Rodrigo Maruri Prado

December 11, 1968 ~ July 18, 2021


Rodrigo Maruri Prado came to this world on a sunny
day the 11th of December, 1968, in Viña del Mar, Chile, the youngest of the Maruri Prado couple.

Since childhood he was a quiet, loving child who loved animals. By trying to save a dog, he saved himself from a tremendous collision, all over his concern for that little animal, saving both their lives. Rodrigo was an excellent student, always
outstanding for his grades and discipline. A good
friend, he was a kid with great solidarity.

His life continued in his second “Home” in
Whitehorse, Canada. Here Rodrigo spent over 10
years and made his presence and charisma known
with just the sound of a simple “Hello my friend!”.
His voice was recognizable indeed, but his singing
was what his peers loved to hear during the many
Karaoke outings. Elvis was the obvious choice for him,
his favorite singer.

Rodrigo left us on the morning of July 18th, 2021
after bravely battling a long illness. He will be forever
missed by all the people that met him and will remain
in our thoughts and hearts.

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