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Every person, every family and every community is unique. The death of a loved one is a significant time. Acknowledging the great loss, the grief and the significance of this person’s life at this time is important.

The words “funeral” or “service” are open to broad definition. It essentially covers any gathering of a group of people for the purpose of remembering and honouring the life of a person who has died. Funeral service may be an informal lunch or reception at a hall or Heritage North Funeral Home, a backyard barbecue, a gathering of family and friends led by a celebrant, a traditional funeral at a place of worship, a celebration of life, a dinner out, a graveside service in nature or any kind of gathering that feels appropriate. The important thing is that it provides a time and place for people to pay their respects, to share memories and stories about the person who has died, and to publicly acknowledge how important this person is to us. Having a service offers a time of healing and closure, gives a sense of peace and comfort to family and friends and brings a community together.

Whether burial or cremation is chosen, a service may be made to be a personal and fitting tribute to the person who has died.

We can accommodate a wide variety of services to meet everyone’s needs. We accommodate all cultures, beliefs and preferences, both modern and traditional.

Our ‘Options At A Glance’ provides food for thought as to what might be the right choice for you.

Options At A Glance

  • Burial with graveside service
  • Green funeral with burial
  • Traditional funeral with burial
  • Burial with a reception
  • Burial basics
    Cremation with graveside service
    Green funeral with cremation
    Traditional funeral with cremation
    Cremation with a reception
    Cremation with a celebration of life
    Cremation basics