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Armand Joseph Revet

February 25, 1969 ~ March 4, 2019

Armand Joseph Revet

Armand Joseph Revet born in Redvers, Saskatchewan to parents Rose Marie Lambert and Daniel Revet. Armand worked cutting meat at a very young age along side his brother and parents. Armand moved around from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Churchill and then to Whitehorse when he came in the early 90s where he fell in love with the place.
Armand started working for a landscaping outfit and later made core boxes for a diamond mine company. Armand was a very private person but was known to many who truly loved him. He also loved food, sports, playing golf, and he enjoyed his nieces and nephews, and of course, The Breakfast Club, 98 Hotel.
Armand was survived by his girlfriend Jacqueline Dillon, his siblings, Ken Fowler, Theresa Draper (Phil Draper), Lennard Revet (Leanne Revet) and many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by Rose Marie Revet and Daniel Revet.


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