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Cora Louise Grant

April 9, 1930 ~ February 16, 2020
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  • 8 April 2020

    Cora Grant was one of those true Yukon originals; meaning she was independent, loved living the Yukon way, and was a fixture here for decades upon decades. She loved Yukon, Yukon history and ole’ stuff, as she called it. I talked to her many many times standing in the vestibule of her old house beside the Deli about the interesting paraphernalia she assembled, and I often happily bought a thing or two, as I also love the history, quality and beauty in old time things. Cora’s manner and her voice were so kind. And my dear mother in law would regularly say those same three transition words, ‘at any rate’, which are likely belong to one Canadian generation. Miss you dear Cora.

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