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Diana Mary Mulloy

March 1, 1934 ~ November 15, 2021

Diana Mary Mulloy

Diana Mary Mulloy has died.  She died as she lived, on her terms, with fervour, determination and unabashedly herself.  We, her three daughters, Wendy Ann, Eleanor and Beth once again find ourselves bereft.  We do find solace knowing she is in the next world with her beloved Kenneth Joyce and she is also relieved from living through another dreaded Yukon winter.

Diana loved flowers, warm sunshine, sand, pretty things, travelling, cozy beds, cups of tea, phone calls with Joyce, Netflix (Greys Anatomy) and of course her beloved KJ.  She leaves behind the three most wonderful daughters a mother could hope for, her grandchildren, Emily (Joshua), Mathew, Aaron and Lusia (Jason), her step grandchildren Gabriel, Zachery, Maciej, another Gabriel (and an ever growing fleet of great grandchildren), and her sons-in-law: Carl, George and Joe.

We will miss Diana as will the entire community who knew her. We especially thank the Yukon medical community who cared for her with patience and love no matter the difficulty she was experiencing.

Death came unexpectedly, we are still stunned and keep waiting for her to turn up but her life here is done and we are very sad.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will have a small funeral on Saturday November 20th.  We will have a celebration of her life in the spring of 2022.

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  • 19 June 2022
    Mark Evans-Ehricht

    Diana is/was a beautiful spirit. She cared about people and did much for many. Dear Ken was the same. Diana and Ken do live on in the ripples of love they created in hearts and minds.

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