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What is embalming?

After death, the physical body starts its natural journey back to original elements. Embalming helps delay these natural post-mortem changes (i.e. bodily fluids, odors, discolorations) by temporarily preserving the deceased human body with either a formaldehyde based or non-formaldehyde based solution.

Does a body have to be embalmed?

Embalming is not required by law but may be recommended if there is a delay before burial or cremation takes place, if people need to view the decedent, or there are arrangements for repatriation of the decedent to another jurisdiction.

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a 100% organic substance, that is broken down by sunlight, and by bacteria and nitrogen in the soil.

Why have a viewing?

For some people, seeing the body of their loved one is an opportunity to say goodbye. Seeing the deceased can validate the truth of the death and help the living to acknowledge and accept the reality of this death. For some, it can be a time of great healing, to see, touch and be with their loved one this last time. For some people, spending time with a closed casket is profound. It is an important decision to make, as there is only this one last opportunity before cremation or burial occur.

Can Heritage North assist us in having a loved one’s body returned to Whitehorse for burial or cremation?

Yes, we will work with a funeral home provider where your loved one died to have all the correct documentation filed and transportation arranged to have your loved one’s body return to the Yukon.

When do we have to pay for your services?

Our policy it to have payment before cremation or burial takes place.

Why is the cost of dying so expensive?

The “money” side of our profession is a practical reality of every kind of business; overhead, staff wages, utilities, taxes, inventory, maintenance, education. A sustainable business needs to have a balanced bank account, or it cannot survive. Our fees and prices are set to balance out the costs of doing business.

Where do I purchase a memorial marker or headstone?

In Yukon, we recommend that you contact Sidrock. They are a local stonework company and can assist you with the design of the headstone. Their contact information is: 867-668-6639 or

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