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Frank Saligo

October 22, 1930 ~ August 7, 2017

Frank Saligo

Frank was born Joseph Francis Philippe in Edmonton, Alberta to Susan and Omer Saligo. Three years later his sister Terry (Theresa) was born.

The family lived in and around the Edmonton area for many years. Frank started out working on the family farm with his parents, but eventually he became a licensed welder and found work welding oil rigs.

In November 1954 Frank married his favourite dance partner Betty, and they settled down to raise their four children in Namao, Alberta. Frank and Betty lived and worked with Frank’s parents operating Saligo’s Service just north of Canadian Forces Base Namao. After Susan and Omer retired, Frank and Betty continued to run the service station in Namao until the decision was made to take up another challenge and move north to Yukon.

In 1972 Frank and family arrived in Teslin. Frank eventually put his auto mechanic, welding and towing experience to work in Teslin, but over the years he also managed to try his hand at water delivery, garbage collection, dog catcher, fire chief, town councilor and mayor.

Betty passed before Frank at the age of 49, but Frank was fortunate to find another dance partner, Lee. Frank was able to share dancing and travel with Lee until her passing in 2013.

Frank took his time about retiring from his work as a mechanic and welder. It wasn’t unusual in his later years to find him out in his shop – cane in hand – coordinating the replacement of a transmission or the changing of a tire with anyone who happened to wander into the shop for a chat. Despite the number of tool boxes and bins of parts and washers and bolts, Frank always knew where each tool could be found. No one was exempt from the “put-it-back-where-you-found-it” rule.

By the time Frank fully retired, he re-discovered his love for reading Westerns and watching classic Western movies. Pancakes for almost any meal, and lemon meringue pie for dessert, were some of his greatest pleasures. Friends in Teslin made sure he had both treats on a regular basis.

Sadly, Frank passed away at the age of 86 at Whitehorse General Hospital August 7th, 2017. He will be mourned by his friends in Teslin, his sister Terry and her family (Brian, John, Corrine, Kim and many grand/great-grand nieces and nephews), his four children Holly, Bonnie (Robert), Shelly (Shawn), Lance (Kris), grandchildren (Daryl & Deanna, Kevin & Tracy, Keith & Jaylene, Jay & Jennifer, Devon, Desiree, Kayce), and many great/grandchildren.

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  • 27 August 2017

    My goodness. So loved frank like my dad and i knrw by his smile he always was happy to see me. To see his pictures of younger years made me smile so within my heart. Frank is so missed by me and no matter where i turn. His smile is there…

  • 8 August 2019

    Hi Dad,
    I can’t believe it was 2 years yesterday, since you passed.
    It seems like yesterday. I / we miss you every day.
    I hope you and Mom are dancing up a storm. Love you both!
    Holly ♥️

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