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Grant Lundy

Grant Lundy

Grant Marshall Lundy

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our father and grandfather, Grant Lundy at the age of 65. Born in Toronto, Grant’s heart has been in the Yukon for the last 35 years where he was an active member of the Yukon Order of Pioneers and the proprietor of his own company, Yukon Environmental Inspection and Consulting. His sense of humour, love of adventure, and passion for music will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace Dad. Miss you, love you, always thinking of you…holding you in our hearts forever.
Love, Sherry, Carrie, Richard and Jerzee

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  • 24 November 2018

    I`ve only just come across this Site. I knew that he had passed, and was so sad to know that he had gone. I lived for 5 years in Whitehorse, and Grant and I were good buddies. We drank a few beers together, and played a lot of guitar together. We went hunting, and came home with moose.
    I visited Whitehorse recently, and it brought back many memories, and that included my ol`Mucker. Rest in Peace Grant.
    My love to you Sherrie and Carrie

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