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Ingrid Wilcox

October 23, 1947 ~ March 2, 2021

Ingrid Wilcox

Ingrid Wilcox (Zondler) of Whitehorse, 73, passed away Tuesday, March 2 following a brief illness.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany to Rudi and Margarete (Hosse) Zondler, Ingrid’s family emigrated to the US in 1958 and she grew up in Union, NJ. In 1970, Ingrid and husband Frank Wilcox set off for the Yukon and never looked back.

Known to many as the owner of Lubbock Valley Farms, and later Lubbock Valley Flower Shop, Ingrid’s creative eye brought her success as both a floral designer and photographer. Her award-winning photographs were published in several magazines and even one in National Geographic’s Canadian calendar. Many will recall her columns on gardening tips in local newspapers and magazines. Many will remember her wonderful wisdom shared through Master Gardening courses and other classes/consultations given throughout the Yukon. But Ingrid is probably best known for her stamina, endurance and true grit during the Yukon River Quest races. Ingrid was the first (and only) woman to enter the race back in 2000, becoming the first woman finisher and going on to become a legend amongst the paddling community over the course of the next 20 years.

She will be sorely missed by her many friends, co-workers, neighbors and family. Ingrid is survived by her sister Gusti (Tina) Torbick, her brother-in-law Stephen, niece Kimberly Torbick, nephews Gregory (Fiona) Torbick , and Jonathan (Amanda) Torbick, and their children, as well as several cousins and extended family in Europe.

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  • 8 March 2021

    Oh dear oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that we’ve lost Ingrid!she and I crossed paths so many times over the years since the 1970’s here in the Yukon as gardeners, paddlers, photographers, and simply as affectionate acquaintances as women of the north. So sudden, so sorry to hear of her passing.

  • 11 March 2021

    So sorry to hear of Ingrid’s passing I will miss her advice and her lovely smile when we would meet. Rest in Peace, grow a great garden in Heaven.

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