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Leslie William Scott

November 2, 1928 ~ July 9, 2022

Leslie William Scott

Leslie William Scott (Les) passed away at Whistle Bend Place on July 9, 2022. He is survived by his brother Richard Scott, sister-in-law Margaret Scott, nephews Kenneth Scott, Robert Scott and niece Allison Love.

Leslie was borne November 2, 1928, in Arvida, Quebec, the eldest son of Charlotte and William Scott.

Les was a consummate outdoorsman. He loved fishing and hunting, but was equally happy rescuing injured wildlife. While still in high school, he ran a trap line and worked outside during the summer, staking and clearing claim lines for mineral exploration. After high school, he served a term in the Canadian Airforce then worked for the Aluminum Company of Canada, in Arvida and Kitimat, before joining RCA Victor. He worked on both the DEW and Pinetree Lines, through RCA Victor’s Montreal Office, before switching to work in the High Arctic through their Edmonton Office. After the Cold War, Les moved to Beaver Creek where he worked for CN Telecommunications, the predecessor to Northwestel. After retiring he continued living in Beaver Creek for several years before retiring in Haines Junction.

The two loves of his life were electronics and nature. He loved the quiet companionship of friends who hunted and fished. He was community-minded, and helped freely in his hometown. He refused to be burden or impose on anyone. With his fierce independence and no-nonsense personality, he found his place with the strong, stoic people in northern communities.

Les was fully satisfied with his work and his northern lifestyle, and did not pursue marriage or children. He lives contentedly on his own terms — and was known to walk out of hospitals after complex surgeries, just to get “home”. The last years of his life were spent as Whistle Bend Place. Although this was a daunting adjustment for Les, he grew to appreciate the kindness of staff, and remained sharp and curious through technology and electronics.

He said little, but thought deeply and he lived with a relentless respect for the natural world. He did not live to make his mark, chase wealth or impress others. He left as quietly as he lived, but will be missed by the select, lucky few who knew him.

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