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Mario D’Agnolo

May 8, 1933 ~ January 31, 2020

Mario D’Agnolo

Mario was born in northern Italy, and in 1952 at the age of 19, he came to Canada to visit his cousin in Trail, B.C.

He was working at this first mining job in Silverton, B.C. when he heard of mining jobs in the Yukon and headed north.  He arrived in the Yukon in 1955 on his 22nd birthday to work for United Keno Hill Mines. He worked in Calumet a mining town uphill from Elsa on Galena Hill, for 19 years and later worked in Elsa.

He belonged to the Italian soccer team in Calumet and played many games again the Hungarian German and English teams.  Mario also loved curling and played all over the Yukon, Alaska, Inuvik and Cassiar. In 1965, he won the International Bonspiel pin twice in the Alaska/Dawson Top of the World Curling Tournament in Dawson City. He kept his pin all these years.

In 1975, Mario left Calumet to work in mines in California, Nevada, B.C., Prince Albert and Lake LaRonge, Saskatchewan and Drumheller, Alberta. He travelled many places in the world, but his heart remained in the Yukon. He returned to the Yukon because it was the best place to live in the world. He said this many times over the years.

In 1985, he bought land at Braeburn, built a home and shop and lived there for 22 years until May 2007, when he moved into Whitehorse. During those years he logged and built a sawmill, and after he moved, they named his road “Sawmill Road”.

Living at Braeburn were the best and happiest years of his life and he shared them with his true and loyal friends – dogs Blackie, Poli and Cookie.  He loved them deeply- they were always at his side and went everywhere with him. Mario never forgot his years at Braeburn and missed his home and the peace and quiet. He had a raven that would tap at his window.

Mario had good friends at Braeburn, Whitehorse and in the Yukon who made his life happy with good laughs and talks over the years. Endless cups of coffee at Braeburn Lodge with Steve and Leigh and talking to the truckers – these were special memories.

Mario will always be remembered and loved for his hard work, kindness, and gentleness and always-helping people. There is a star over Mario’s old Braeburn place called “Mario’s star”. May his spirit soar with the nighthawks and ravens and all the animals that came to know him. Braeburn and Whitehorse will never be the same without him.

Mario is survived by his only son, Diego (Nila) in Italy.

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  • 4 July 2023
    Connie and Rainer Nissen

    Mario was a daily visitor when we owned Braeburn Lodge from 1987 to 1993 and we stayed in contact after selling the Lodge until we left the Yukon. Yes, Blacky was always with him, sitting on the passenger seat and from behind she looked like a lady with black hair. We always said ‘here come Mr and Mrs D’Agnolo and she would faithfully sit by the Lodge door and wait for him. Many fond memories stay with us. Our Condolences to his family and friends.

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