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Mark James Lafreniere

February 8, 1952 ~ April 14, 2017

Mark James Lafreniere

Mark James Lafreniere was born in Whitehorse, Yukon to Yvonne and Harry Lafreniere on February 8, 1952. He was the middle child of three brothers. Mark grew up in Whitehorse with many friends and was very athletic; he was always participating in different sports. He taught himself how to play the guitar when he was young and throughout the years he became an expert guitar player. He played with bands as a lead singer and played the guitar at different venues in the Yukon. Mark loved to play music; he could pick up any instrument and teach himself how to play.

Mark started working at a young age helping renovate his mom’s house. From then on he continued his carpentry career. Mark formed a painting company in the late 1970’s which he worked at for many years. He also enjoyed doing mechanical and auto bodywork. He built their family home in Mayo with the help of his father-law Pat. When it came to Mark’s work he had a lot of stamina and always got the job done. He passed on his knowledge of painting, carpentry and mechanics to his son Brad.

Mark met Carol in Whitehorse and started a life with her in 1981. They moved to Mayo in 1985 where they raised 3 children Sherri, Brad and Curtis. He loved being a husband and father, he was always there for his family, what ever they needed he made sure they got it.   He loved his Van Bibber family and he thought of them as his own. Mark especially loved Pat and Ada and was always proud of all they taught him about hunting, fishing and harvesting food; he enjoyed and became an avid hunter. Later on in years Mark became a grandfather to Hailey, Evan, Joel, Markis and Nolan whom he loved dearly.

Mark also built a beautiful gazebo, which they used for entertaining guests. Mark loved to entertain, he cooked for his guests, and then played his guitar and everyone would join in singing with him.

Mark always cooked the turkey for the family dinners. On one occasion he put the Christmas turkey in the oven and about 3 or 4 hours later his mom said “Shouldn’t we be smelling the turkey by now?” By this time the whole family showed up to have dinner so he checked the turkey and he had forgotten to turn the oven on. That year the family had Christmas dinner at 10 at night; it was almost on Boxing Day.

Mark is predeceased by his Mother: Yvonne Lafreniere, Father: Harry Lafreniere and Brother: Joe Lafreniere, Father In-law: Pat Van Bibber, Mother In-law: Ada Van Bibber and Brother In-law: Jim Ellis. Mark is survived by his wife: Carol, Children: Sherri, Brad (Ashley), Curtis, son in-law: Ben, grandchildren: Hailey, Evan, Joel, Markis and Nolan, brother: Tom (Donna), brother in-law: Pat (Geraldine), sister in-laws: Shirley, Deb (Phil), Karen (Frank), nieces and nephews: Robin, Kevin (Natrisha), Patrick (Heather), Trevor (Kerri), Stuart (Nikki), Franklin (Laura), Ann-Marie, Wade (Honey-Starr), Craig, Krista (Shawn), Derek (Shannon), Jay, and many great nieces and nephews.
Honorary Pallbearers: Clifford Genier, Jamie Peck, Chad Peck, Phil Gagnon, Frank Patterson, Trevor Ellis, George Ronaghan, Rock Fraser, Lorne Reid.  Mark’s honorary pallbearers were his dear friends that helped him with work and partying for many years. They made sure to visit him when he was ill; they kept his spirits up and stayed good friends with him until the end. Thank you.

Mark will be missed dearly by all of his family and friends but we know he is in a better place.  A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday April 22, 2017 at 2:00pm at the Mayo Community Hall with refreshments to follow. Interment will be held at a later date.


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  • 24 April 2017

    Mark was one of my friends that I will dearly miss. We had fun together from doing carpentry, hunting and even a little hockey through the years, We never lived close to each other but we always hit it off, be it in Mayo, Whitehorse, Canadian tire or a campground. We would run into each other at least once a year and would chat about our amazing moose hunt, our adventures in carpentry and how our families were. I particularly remember when he showed me how to prepare “roasted moose nose” a day after we shot a moose in the slough (an eight hour ordeal), We had a blast, I will miss him…but I know he is okay!
    Dave Nugent

  • 11 August 2017

    Mark was married to my best friend but I got to know him best while spending many hours visiting him in hospital. He loved his family and longed to be home with them, in Mayo. Mark was a talented musician and carpenter. He hand crafted a beautiful log home without much outside help.
    Mark’s pet peeve while in hospital was not being provide crackers with his soup. I ensured he had plenty by purchasing boxes of crackers or taking them from the cafeteria. It got to be a joke with us. May you have lots of crackers in Heaven, Mark.

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