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Myrna Kay Kingscote

August 29,1941 ~ November 28, 2023

Myrna Kay Kingscote

     Myrna Kay Kingscote (Née Marks) 

The Yukon has lost one of its most ardent promoters. The feisty “Mini Mighty Myrna” passed peacefully at Whistle Bend Place with her complete family by her side. 3 Sons, 3 Daughters-In-Law, and 6 Grandchildren.

Myrna has had a very eventful and full life from beginning to end. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, she took on family responsibilities early due to her father suffering a devastating stroke at a very young age, leaving a single mother with two young girls, Myrna, and her younger sister Carol.

She attended Prince of Wales school in the Shaughnessy district of Vancouver (one of the few small schools in Vancouver that went from K – 12). As a young teenager, she said she was a bit of an “athletic klutz,” so she joined the Cheer Leader Squad and cheered on many of her school’s victories.

After graduation from P.W., she was offered the job as one of the School Secretaries at Vancouver Technical High School and became the youngest school secretary in the Vancouver school system.

In the summer of 1960, while at the beach with a girl friend from school, she spied two handsome young men on a sailboat anchored just off the beach. She talked her friend Wendy into joining her in swimming out to meet the two fellows on the boat. This was where she met her future husband, Jack Kingscote. They were married in 1963 where she supported the two, and after son Andrew was born, the three of them, while Jack finished his teaching degree at UBC. Two more sons later, Sean and Cameron rounded out the Kingscote family.

In the mid 1970’s, Jack got itchy feet and wanted to try teaching in a smaller community outside of the metropolitan Vancouver area. Both Jack and Myrna were hesitant to make such a large change but with Myrna’s encouragement, Jack took on a 4 month teaching assignment in the village of Mayo, Yukon Territory. Both Jack and Myrna fell in love with the Yukon and stayed in the Yukon until her passing.

Myrna worked for Human Resources Yukon for 2 years and then became the secretary for the Mayo RCMP. Being Myrna, she became the president of the Mayo Community Club, and under her leadership was responsible for many of Mayo’s facilities like Mayo’s swimming pool. She also spearheaded Mayo’s Winter Carnival and the most popular, twice weekly, movie nights.

The family moved from Mayo to Whitehorse in 1981 and Mayo’s loss was Whitehorse’s gain. She became the secretary of Jeckell Jr. High School until her retirement in 1998. After attending the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous’ Air Display that year, and entertaining the Military performers at her home, she became a member of the Rendezvous Society with the idea of using her successes of the Mayo Winter Carnival. Jack also became the Air Show Coordinator. She fulfilled every directorship and over the years coordinated every event Rendezvous ran. She became president and filled that position for many successful years, but managing the Can-Can line and becoming “Queen Mom” were her two favourites.

After her retirement from Jeckell School, she formed her own Rendezvous Costume rental business and ran it successfully until 2018.

Myrna is survived by:

Her husband of 60 years: Jack Kingscote.

Three sons: Andrew, Sean, Cameron.

Three Daughters-in-Law: Mandy, Karri, Kim.

Six Grandchildren: Maxwell, Mitchell, Ariana, Hannah, Quinn, and Rylee.

One Great Grandson: Blake.


Some of Myrna’s awards and recognition include:

Honorary Member of Snowbird Air Demonstration Team 1995

The Canadian Forces Northern Area Commander’s Commendation

The Queen’s Jubilee Medal

The Yukon Commissioner’s Award

Honorary Life Member of Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Society

Named Mrs. Yukon in 2010

Had the name of the Rendezvous Air show renamed to the Kingscote Air Display


We would like to extend the family’s heartfelt thank you to all the great staff at Whistle Bend Place for their exceptional care and understanding in her troubled times and especially in her final days.


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  • 30 November 2023
    Sandra Henderson

    RIP dear Myrna. You sure made many fine contributions to your time in the Yukon. Heartfelt condolences to her husband Jack and family.

  • 30 November 2023
    Dennis Peter

    From the Heart of The Yukon, Our 💕 Hearts are with you

  • 1 December 2023
    Heather Johnson

    Jack, I’m so very sorry for your loss.
    My gosh Myrna was an incredible woman! The impact she had on me through her tutelage as Queen mom was literally life changing!! I am forever grateful and indebted to her for her mentorship which enabled me to be crowned Rendezvous Queen and subsequently have one of the most memorable years of my life, not to mention all the lifelong friendships! I will also never forget being in awe at my fortune to be invited to the Kingscoate soiree and witness hospitality like no other! To remove all the furniture to accommodate the many guests you hosted is astounding!! She lived her life to the fullest! Her light shone so brightly! She was an exceptional leader, mentor & promoter of the Yukon and everything Rendezvous! She had a beautifully warm & welcoming smile and could command a room like no other! She is truly a Yukon LEGEND and will be remembered as such!

    That said, she has also created with you, and leaves behind quite a remarkable legacy in her 3 sons and her grandchildren. I am so sorry for the passing of your wife, mother & grandmother for above all other roles these would have been the ones she cherished most and her love for each of you will sadly leave a tremendous void. The two of you were a tremendous and admirable couple. My love, hugs and compassion go out to you, and the rest of your family at this difficult time of loss, grieving, and adjustment. May your fond memories and the loving support of family & friends help to carry you through. May dear, unforgettable Myrna rest in peace. 💔🙏❤️

  • 1 December 2023
    Jessica G Garstin

    RIP Myrna. I have so many fond memories from our time during Rendezvous. Thank you for being such a fabulous spirit. Condolences to your family.

  • 2 December 2023
    Lydia Mathies

    Myrna was a true friend as well as a co-worker at my side for 15 years at the Junior High. We shared joys, sorrows, concern for teens, and a lot of work. Myrna had a strong work ethic, a great sense of style, genuine compassion and great loyalty. I will miss our many fun visits at Whistlebend, our lunches, our shared pride in our grandchildren and a decades long friendship. Her children and grandchildren can know that while you miss her she was genuinely proud of each of you.

  • 4 December 2023
    Suzanne Martin

    I met Myrna 30 odd years ago through my upstairs neighbour, Doris Rees (her Aunty Dorie). It was magical just listening to Myrna and Doris talk about the old times and their fantastically full lives. God bless you Myrna and Doris. I will miss you both. Kind regards to you, Jack. So sorry for your loss.

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