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Norma Elizabeth Hall (née Ross)

Oct. 9, 1928 ~ Dec. 28, 2019; aged 91

Norma Elizabeth Hall (née Ross)

Norma passed away on Saturday at the Whitehorse General Hospital with her devoted daughter Lindsay and son-in-law John at her side. Norma was predeceased by John Hall, her much-loved husband of 46 years and their beloved son David. As well as Lindsay, Norma is survived by David’s daughters Alyssa, Tawna and Corrie and by ten great-grand-children. She was a loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and wife and a devoted friend to many.

Norma was a curious soul and her life reflected that. She and John brought their family to live in both England and Tanzania where they explored Europe and Africa extensively. Later, she continued to travel into her 80’s, visiting numerous countries on six continents. Norma read voraciously and her drive to continue learning took her Carleton University at 59 years of age.

Norma will be remembered by many for her sense of humour. Her wry wit stayed with her till her final days. Her quips will be a source of fond reminiscences for those who knew her over the years.

Norma’s final years were enlivened by the amazing staff of Whistle Bend Place, by the warm and professional staff at Home Care Yukon and by Tammy, who was so kind and loving to both Norma and Lindsay. Her passing was eased by the caring and gentle attentions of the nursing staff at Whitehorse General Hospital.

Celebrations of Norma’s life will take place at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Center, Whitehorse in the spring of 2020 with her Yukon family and friends, and in Calabogie, Ontario in the fall of 2020 to celebrate her birthday with her Ontario family and friends. Contact Lindsay for details of these events in February. In lieu of flowers, Lindsay asks that you take a moment to reflect on what Norma meant to you and to raise a glass in her memory.

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  • 4 January 2020

    I was fortunate to meet Norma as a volunteer at Whistle Bend Place, She will be missed. Condolences to her family. R.I.P.

  • 18 February 2020

    My standard poodle, Roman, and I visited Norma regularly for the last year as part of the Pet Visitor program at Whistle Bend. She always sang, “You are so beautiful to me” to him, and told me about her days as a breeder and showing Cairn Terriers. She loved Roman, and loved to sing to him and pat him. She always asked me how old he was. Norma was a real character, and one night when I told her Roman’s name, she recited “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears,” from Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar – and she got farther than I did in remembering that monologue! She also was the first to join in on the singalongs when I took my guitar up to the 7th house. I am so happy that Roman and I decided to fit in an extra visit on the evening of Monday, Dec. 23. Little did we know, that was goodbye. Roman actually got right up on “Norma’s couch” with her for the first time ever, and sat right beside her for a while that evening. Then he farted! We both laughed, it was very funny. Norma and I always found something to chat and laugh about. We had odd things in common, like being “Ross’s” and both having brothers who were doctors (or so she said), and of course, love of dogs and singing. I really miss her, her couch seems empty now. However, my life is better for having had the chance to know her. Thanks, Norma, and God Bless you on your journey!

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