Each and every one of us will have to face the death of someone we love. And at some time, we ourselves and those who love us will have to face our own death.

Funeral preplanning involves making plans in advance for your own funeral or for your loved one. Preplanning your funeral doesn’t really differ from planning for education, weddings, a new home and even retirement.

Many of us plan for the many possibilities in life. It may feel strange to think about and make plans for the death of someone we love, or our own death. For some people it feels morbid, unlucky, or that it is inviting death to come more quickly. For others, making plans for a loved one’s death, or their own death, can be a time of acceptance, of letting go of fear, of looking at one’s life and the meaning of it, and accepting the gift of living each day.

Making prearrangements at Heritage North Funeral Home involves developing a file that clearly states not only your wishes regarding cremation or burial but also the type of service that would be most meaningful for your family and community. This includes completing and signing paperwork such as a Cremation Authorizations, Vital Information (information the government requires), Service Details and Funeral Contract.

To make prearrangements or to gather information and ask questions, we welcome you to contact us for an appointment.