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Thomas Johannes Schloter

September 11, 1960 ~ December 23, 2023

Thomas Johannes Schloter

We are very sad and heartbroken. Unexpectedly and very suddenly we lost our Papa and partner, love of my life, best friend, and our rock.

Tom was born and raised in Obernau, Germany. As a young man he travelled the world. He was a cycle enthusiast and endured many long road trips. He had a love of nature and spent a lot of time canoeing, hiking and just being outdoors.

In 1997 Tom realized his dream when he immigrated to Canada. He spent his first five years here, living in a remote trapper’s cabin in the Ibex Valley.

In 2002 Tom met Claudia and the romance began. She was a client on one of his guided tours. Claudia immigrated to Canada in 2006 to share her life with Tommy. Together they built a beautiful home constructed with love and “German precision”. He could talk about it for hours to anybody who would listen, or not!

In 2014 their daughter, Akeelah, was born. Tom took great pleasure in making wooden toys and constructing small scale furniture for her. He spent many hours on his hands and knees playing her favourite game, horsey. (I’m sorry you will not see our daughter grow up).

In 2015 Tom went to work at North 60 doing fuel deliveries, then onto managing at the bulk plant. Tom was a good friend to many, always willing to lend a helping hand, but also unforgiving if you got in his “bad books”. He was very knowledgeable and well respected. He could fix just about anything.

Tom was happy spending time at home, reading for hours, doing woodworking projects, or outdoors harvesting firewood and plowing snow on his quad. Tom loved his family and dog Dime, very much.

He was loving, courageous and a strong man, (“My Hercules with a soft heart “). He had a great sense of humour, was the life of the party, always entertaining with an embellished story.

Akeelah says: “He was the best Dad ever. A little grumpy now and then, but the best Dad ever.“

Schatz, you left an enormous void in our lives.
Miss you, love you, forever in our hearts.
Wir lieben dich fuer immer

Claudi, Akeelah and Dime


Thank you, wonderful friends, faraway family, neighbours and coworkers, for your outpouring of support.


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