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Wilfred Morrisseau

January 8, 1937 ~ January 15, 2021

Wilfred Morrisseau

Wilfred passed away after failing health. He lived a long, interesting life. His mother died from Tuberculosis when he was still an infant. He was taken in by his kind Uncle Lois and his wife Maria who raised him like their own. He was raised on the shores of the northern basin of Lake Manitoba. He was a sled dog enthusiast who loved raising dogs and building sleds from hardwood. When he was a married young man he moved to Thompson, eventually getting a job with Inco where he worked on surfaces with boom trucks and then in an open pit running various heavy equipment. He raised five children and provided a good life for his family. Life got in the way and his wife and him parted ways in the late 70’s.


He went towards the Yukon where he had previously visited in the late 60’s. He lived in northern Alberta and BC before finally settling in the Yukon. He always loved the scenery of the rivers and mountains. In his last location in Whitehorse, he worked at a hotel up to his last days. He had a soft spot for down and out folks and did what he could to help. He recently got back in touch with his two adult children and old friends from Manitoba; he had lively conversations over the phone, still sharp with a memory that went back 60 years. He passed in peace knowing that he was still loved by friends and family.


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